Karin is an international expert on the neuroscience of language and brain-based learning, with a worldwide experience in teaching and leading teams of teachers in intercultural settings. She is an expert in concept-based curriculum creation and faculty development with 20 years of teaching experience at some of the most prestigious international schools all over the world. She has mentored educators in Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland and Malaysia. She is a graduate of the Edge Hill University and The University of Sheffield in Great Britain and Harvard Business School, with passion for Neuro-Psychology, NLP and holistic comprehensive education.
Karin Helps People in 3 Ways:
1. Neuroscience of Language
2. Private Education Curriculum
3. E-Learning & Leading Schools
The NeuroScience of Language
A Frog Leap into Your German
Learning a new language is just as much a skill as hitting or catching, and you want to be able to communicate in German when it counts. This ebook contains all the 'secrets' of how the brain learns, as well tried and tested strategies to help you achieve your goal.

Inside You'll Learn:
- The Laws of Learning and Chemistry of the Brain
- The Mindset you need to have to learn a language successfully.
- How to Increase the Retention of New Vocabulary, so it sticks
- How to help your brain help you
- Use the Tools and Learning Strategies you wish you knew in High School
- How to LET GO of Fear and Overwhelm and achieve your goal

Best of all, this is way less complicated than you think and totally doable!
The NeuroScience of Language
Cinderella Steps To Fluency in German
We all know this one person who seemingly “flies” through the course without difficulty, picking up vocabulary “on the go” and appears to be fluent on the topics you've studied in class after just a few weeks. This person seems to be on top of everything without studying too hard for it.

Yes, you CAN become (more) fluent in German. There's always a strategy and I'll show you the direct way. You don't have to go through trial and error!

You will understand how the brain works and use it to your advantage. Make your brain your ally not your enemy.

You'll learn the steps for more fluency, pick your favourite and get to work. Even the longest way starts with the first step.
Give me your hand and let's walk together.
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